Banter, Musings, Tall Tales and Truth

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   I’m a Telepath. What, you might ask, is a Telepath? A telepath is someone who communicates with another using transference of thought. I started talking with the animals, using telepathy, in the early 80’s and that ability led me to further my communication abilities and broaden my horizons.  I've connected with angels, masters, beings from other planets and I've spoken with people who have passed from the physical into the spiritual realm. And, I love to tell a story. I've written and published articles about some of the animals I've worked with in the past, have two books on Amazon that are in need of an update, and recently published a novel titled, A Tale of Ramblings and War. I started this book with the sole intention of spreading information I received from a light worker about a new healing technique he shared, and I wandered off, had some fun and went with the flow. I created a story about an urban witch, added some magical creatures including dragons, and allowed my imagination to invent adventures for Roxi, and her friends that culminates in a war between good and evil. 



I'm a Mom, Gramma, and Great Gramma. I make my home in Waynesville, NC a few miles outside my native birthplace of, Asheville. Rick, and I have a place back in a holler surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. My new book is set in these mountains, the characters are fictitious, however I have incorporated a few real towns into the story. Annie, our German Shepherd, has a place in the book and I must confess she isn't as well-trained as her character portrays but we love her just the same. She is a rescue as were many animals I've shared love and companionship with through the years. I am a horsewoman and a witchy-woman as many ole folks were called that shared remedies and healing back in the day.  Magician? Nope, not me. Roxi, the main character has those abilities. The animal Communication sessions I used in the book are real, I did change everyone's name. So, there ya go! The rest of the book is pure fantasy or not, depending on how you see the world. I hope you enjoy..